Businesses outsource the financial and or accounting function, to saving money on real estate, utilities, bonuses and or benefits. Depending on corporate goals, we can implement a multi-faceted growth strategy. By analyzing certain business questions such as; What is the most efficient way to acquire new customers, or What new offerings should we promote to a select group of customers? Does it make sense to increase pricing on certain goods or services to keep pace with increasing labor costs or market rates? If we increase the level of customer services does that translate into less returns and more returning customers with repeat sales?

Or perhaps, the focus is not on growth but maximizing cash flow and margins. Under these circumstances, we first investigate what processes could be streamlined through automated applications to decrease costs of labor. How can we improve DSO’s or speed up the cash conversion cycle with the same staff? Can we increase efficiency by making the staff more productive?If we invest in quality of service or quality of the experience does that increase conversion rates?

Often, outsiders may look at your business from a different perspective and offer valuable suggestions on how to change your business for the better. By comparing similar businesses we establish benchmarks to compare and contrast and determine what metrics and limits may be possible to attain. Most of the time, other businesses have better ways to do certain things thatanother business can learn from. Because of the depth and diversity and access to market research, we typically can provide ideas that can evolve and or grow your business to new levels.

Let CFOSONDEMAND help you achieve success by answering some of these questions and take your business to new heights, whilealso becoming more efficient!