David Schiller, CPA

David is the current President of CFOSONDEMAND and DCS, PLLC.

David’s career started in public accounting as a forensic accountant. After obtaining his CPA, Mr. Schiller was employed at a large hedge fund as a Senior Analyst, to perform grass roots research on companies, review the quality and integrity of company’s financial statements and make recommendations on current and potential investments to the CIO and investment committee. Subsequently, David was a senior analyst and Portfolio Manager at JPM Chase, a Vice President and Senior Analyst at AM Investment Partners, LLC, a Portfolio Manager at Four Points Partners, LLC and a Vice President and Senior Analyst at Citibank Principal Strategies Group.

Mr. Schiller currently is engaged by clients to, find strategic acquisitions, perform due diligence on acquisitions, investigate structural problems, evolve business strategies, consult on operating efficiencies and automation, and prepare companies for investment and/or a strategic sale. Mr. Schiller has been engaged to act as either CFO or interim CFO of both public and private companies. Mr. Schiller graduated from Hofstra University’s Frank Zarb School of Business with a B.B.A. in Accounting in 1999 and was admitted into the NYSCPA in 2002.