A NY Law firm with 7 Partners, 30 attorneys, and 6 administrative staff - Managing Partner

"We have tight timelines, and often have to move resources around based on priority. As a managing partner I managed our business by budgets and we had an in house accountant taking care of our accounting needs for 6 years. What we didn’t have is someone to help manage the business better by telling us who is underperforming based on utilization and what our full burden rate for each employee was. Prior to Mr. Schiller, we didn't have someone forecast allocated resources, which constantly lead to profitability problems by client. By putting automated tools in place, it helped us manage our human capital better. By reassigning and planning some of our staff to the appropriate engagements, cost rates and billable rates were matched up appropriately". I knew something was off, but I didn’t have the time to figure out what the source of the problem was. We now outsource our accounting to CFOSONDEMAND and have meetings bi-monthly to assess collections and profitability based on financial dashboards by department and client. Partner profitability has increased by over 14% because of our relationship with CFOSONDEMAND."

An online retailer of specialty goods that operates in 30 states - Chief Operating Officer (COO)

"CFOSONDEMAND came in and identified points of risk that our internal accountant was not even aware of. We didn't have the resources or the expertise to determine what state and local sales/use tax we had to pay and which ones we didn't.  We didn’t know that we had to pay sales tax in over 23 jurisdictions where we conducted business. We had CFOSONDEMAND implement a (SaaS) sales tax automation product called Avalara that allowed us to eliminate the future liability of sales tax compliance. In a few locations we determined that for the margin we were earning on certain products that it didn't even make sense to sell certain products or even do business in some territories. We now have CFOSONDEMAND doing all our accounting remotely and we are saving money on labor costs, and improved margins by not selling certain products". 

A prominent NY based architectural firm with 6 architects, 9 draftsman, an office manager/accountant and 2 administrative clerks - The owner/ architect

"I didn’t understand why the firm generated a large amount of revenue but didn’t’ make much profit. We hired CFOSONDEMAND to review the profitability of the business and we found that our in house office manager/accountant was embezzling money  over the course of  the last 10 years”. CFOSONDEMAND developed the evidence for the prosecution of grand larceny with the Nassau County District Attorney’s Office in excess of one million dollars. CFOSONDEMAND professional staff was very sensitive to privacy concerns we had during the process. As a result of the findings, CFOSONDMEMAND put internal control procedures in place so something like this could never happen again. We thank CFOSONDEMAND for uncovering this heinous crime and have one of its staff members in the office 2-3 days a week to get all our financial and accounting needs completed. Our business is more profitable than its ever been, and the guilty party is serving a well deserved criminal sentence".

A fast casual food retailer franchisee with 5 locations - Managing Member of Franchisor Group

"The POS system we had worked great but we didn’t realize that the employees were friends and swiped there cards out after they had already left. This malfeasances lead to excessive labor costs and lower profits. We had 3 accountants that we hired prior to CFOSONDEMAND, and none of them were professional enough or took the time to analyze the business operations. We noticed this stores employees were also less efficient than the other 4 locations due to improper training. The GM was fired and he was replaced with a more experienced operator. We also implemented software recommended by CFOSONDEMAND that automatically downloads our store data into QuickBooks from a (SaaS) provider called SHOGO, therefore eliminating manual processes and less risk of human error. We now automate and integrate our POS, ERP, Benefits and Payroll Systems. This has resulted with having less operational staff and all our accounting and financial needs are maintained remotely by CFOSONDEMAND."